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Cool . Well let's just get started . Folks that come in when they come in they will . Catch up . Then . So yeah I'm with Tadpole Collective as is Kevin who's going to be helping me if there's a chad or something I don't see . And we have been working with Civi since 2012 . Since it became . Possible to use it with WordPress and ever since then we've been trying to make it work beautifully with WordPress . Which is how many years now it's eight years . And that right . So . We're going to talk about these . Plugins that basically talk have a touch points or integrated points with city some of them are a little older as you might know about them and some of them are . Newer and or not on the WordPress plugin repository . So we may not have heard of them yet but I will but they're all working . On production sites in the wild . And so . Yes that's what I can tell you .

CiviCRM Admin Utilities

The first one which I think every so I have a demo site and we have what we're going to be putting this out into the public . Once we finish the set up so you guys can log in and test it out as well . But when you when first but then you should always install as the severe app and utilities . Is right here and it just gives you some handy dandy little checkbox options . And settings that lets you . Control a little of what you what you what you're what things happen thinks of your address . This one is usually unchecked by default so it doesn't have like the WordPress looking theme over it until you check that box off . So let me just open a dashboard here . If I remove this checkbox and save . This . This is kind of what you look like with it on and with it off it'll just look like Civi does without the box without any framing . Which I guess you can't really tell there . Let me take . Search . Yeah . So it has this kind of like the default colors . And then once you enable this it does . And here you go look at that Christian so that . It just has a little make some more look more like WordPress and you just kind of navigate between the two and when staff or people look back and forth they don't feel like they're going between two softwares as much . There's a few affixes for suppressing that . If you've ever if you have a membership organization you ever change their primary email address in Civi it actually send the word for automatic notification saying hey that you change your that you change your e-mail . And . Some of our clients didn't like it . That was happening . So this checkbox lets you prevent that from going out so you can make changes in Civi and that notification doesn't go out . To users . I don't remember what this is . But if text is something that's off delete . Great . This one adds a shortcut menu so you see the city menu here wouldn't be here if you don't check that off . I think it's on by default and people to plug in . And manage group option is if you have multiple kind of rolls of people who access Sydney the managed groups menu like there's no ACL or permissions to hire . So this lets you hide it . So that people that can't manage groups won't see it . And then if this if you're using Wordpress . Classic editor . As opposed to Gutenberg to the book editor you can . Enable where you want that to appear to put information on different types of content . And these are just some things if you do updates and clearing caches that it gives you . So it's a nice little handy . Plug in that everybody should have . That's not the right tab .

CiviCRM WordPress Member Sync

So If you are a membership organization . And you have different member types and you want to get people log in . To the website . You want install this this plugin and what it does is it basically allows you to have some default settings up how often to check Civi and then what method to use if you want to use capabilities or roles to associate a membership status and civilly and word with Rowan workers and then basically you just map these out right so that if they are . Sorry it is zoom window . If they are . Current New Grace they are member they are member type role and if they're not if they're one of these statuses they get a chance to lapse and automatically kind of denotes them if you will . So if they have access to content or anything specific . They would stop being able to access that Web site and you would set that . In . In the setting so you choose a member type from Civi and then the rolls from the WordPress rule that you create . Once I get the groups as a group set up here where I will show you in a second . So that's for any time any time you want to get people log in and assign to be able to give them access to the website . Be a content post content etc. . So the group think . The groups think it is there's a plug in called groups which the links I put up with the slides over the links I have them on the slides so you can go . This was I guess I guess looking at this . You have to install this plugin first to be able to use this Civi plugin .

CiviCRM Groups Sync

And this one we have on the extension directory . On the Civi Civi Gitlab . And what this does is it lets you basically create a group and then assign capabilities to that group and map that group to Civi . So for example if you add a new group . Called I don't know events already have that right . Volunteers . You can say I want to also create a group called Volunteers in Civi and I'll create that and then here it lists basically every capability that WordPress and Civi has . And then you can just give them access to the pieces you want them to have access to for example . And so this is a way to make . If somebody is a subscriber role in WordPress they can still have access to people of WordPress pieces of scifi even though their subscriber is this group's integration kinda gives them those capabilities . So for example I'm not going to say that one but for example . We have different staff rules that we put up here and then different staff have access to different parts of Civi . In and when they log in . So this to basically gives us the ability to use groups in WordPress . And sync to groups and Civi and then you can add the contact even severe or the user here and it will just sync sync up . What it also does is when you add . Content to a page . On the front end here . If I create a page and WordPress . There is this group section and it says let anybody of this type of group see this right . So you can . Make sure it isn't just pages only visible to page posts or whatever visible to that that group . There is also a blog coming up . This blog site . If you have content within the page that you can say show this content to people in this group or if you're not in this group hide it . And so you can kind of very get specific on what you want people to see on a page . That ties their to their access to that group . So it's pretty pretty pretty a . Pretty robust tool that I miss anything on that one Kevin . Don't know .

You're doing great .

Oh and so as it ties at the membership because you're like Why . Whereas this user membership . Because this has a sink that ties in to their state member status . That the groups doesn't talk to membership . There is a way that you can say if this member is a status whatever they're part of group . I know I have one called what program staff is that right . Yeah . And if they're not if they're already expired then move them to where did I put the other one event . Maybe I don't remember . So you can use groups with a membership thing to be able to have people be in and out of groups based on their member status . That's groups . What's next . What do you got next .

Caldera Forms integration

This requires a plugin called Caldera Forms which is this plugin . And I'll just show you we have . Oh God I just do that . But back . To it which installs and then gives you this menu item . We could do a presentation for like two hours just on this plugin . So I just want to say that out of the box because . There's so much you can do with it but . The things that you should be aware of when using called there forms . If you want to create any data fields so custom fields . Membership types . If that's anything . Price sets you set up everything and Civi first . To get what you need and to be in the right order and then you come to call their forms and you create the form the front end form which looks like this where you have to organize a whatever organization name do I have one in here . This is the wrong forum to use . Hang on . How many . This one . So at the custom field exists . In Civi sorry . Where is the word for example member options . There is an auto populate option that lets you go into the Civi and say hey what field . What do I want to use for this right . So that all the price sets are here . So if I had created the price sets prior then you come in here you'd be able to select those and so you don't have to rebuild every field . All the options within the field but you do have to set up the . Field itself . To . To get it to get the information from Civi and then you do have to use that way . If you're using money . Payments on a form you do have to have a total field that does this election . The total cost of that will be processed in that order . Once you have your form set up like it always first name last name . Basically it uses a series of books called processors to add information to map and between severe and WordPress and so when you add a processor you'll see there was a complex processor the order processor which creates an order and Civi . If you're using line items you have to add a line item processor . When needed and on . So the user can create activities . You can have relationships be created and so on so all these are . Options and entities that add Civi . And if you use the email API extension you can create the messaging emails that go out the talks to Sebi to send emails their message templates and Civi . This is why this could take two hours . But once you have that forum set up in your fields in place you basically get the first thing you always need is a contact process . If you don't you need to know what contact the information is related to . And then you go through each of the options and there there's something called Magic tags that basically if you start typing here first name for example it just drops down and then you can fill it out . And these are basically what sends the information to Civi . Once people hit submit . And so . It does take some time to learn and . Know what to do . But once you have it set up it kind of works kind of nicely . Each of these processors also have conditions so you can say use this processor only if they say yes to this or no matter all the emphasis right . So that way . You know things that don't work including total or whatever it won't get charged or the information that wasn't relevant won't get charged . If you do do money payments you do get to buy the pay that currently you have to buy the paid add ons that works with stripe and it works with authorized net . We have not looked at pay pal . So if it work . So it's a miracle not because it was done intentionally . But it's a really robust form builder before you know forms is going to have conditions so you can have show this form and if that happens and so on . We do have a decent amount of documentation on this one on this one is that we do have it on the WordPress repo . But it's more on github . We find this thing . Area . And then in this documentation we have a lot of things written out as much as possible which has not been going to be updated but has information to help you walk you through as best we can . As you know generically if we can set up these these forms . And if you if you have enhancements or improvements we're always happy to . Receive those as well . So it's a really powerful tool we use this almost on every Web site . At this point . Is there anything other than there that . There's a lot we can come back to this at the end because now . Because of the time zone we might have longer the closing remarks are not at 3:00 there at 4:00 so trying to navigate the schedules so . You might let folks ask questions about that at the end . All right . That and . Ping asked Is Caldera a free plug in . And that certainly is and the integration is a free plug in the only paid add ons that you must use at this point is payment processors . Right . And we have we're hoping to start to integrate with civvies payment processors but that's a planned feature or another way of saying it doesn't exist yet . So . It may eventually depending on you know . Whatever . So yeah they called their farms bug and is free . And they call their arms obviously are imposing and also free . And you can download it here . And see what else we have? We have

CiviCRM event organizer 

So CiviCRM event organizer may just open all the tabs here . And then organizers and workers plug in that basically adds an event calendar to your Web site . It's very robust . They have that about you . We have you can you does a lot of what the free stuff I don't think you'll need any of the add ons . And then you're also going to have to install these radio buttons for taxonomy is what this does when you install it is it if you go into settings here . They'll say radio buttons for taxonomy you basically check off event categories so that you can only select one you know event one category for event and that's because the event categories in WordPress are mapped to event types and city and you can only have one event type per event . So that's why you need that plugin . And then what this does . There's a few when you install said museum event organizer . Where is it . Right here . There are some settings initial settings that you can look at them to set up a default event type and roll and profile . And then it lets you if you have a city that has a lot of events and you want to sync them it lets you think the information over the categories . Two event types for example the venues and then the events themselves . So for example if I go into events and categories here these are basically all the same event types that are system Sebi and then venues . Has all the venues that were created and savvy that get added here as well . And then . The events themselves can also be seen . So for example this rainforest . I have a call there are forms in here as I'm testing . But basically recreate the event to create the title . You add the content that asks you for this you know start time date and time date . The venue . Will ask use it because I enabled the radio right . It's a radio button not . CheckBox with usually categories or by default . And then it adds some new settings here that says you know sync this event passively . And if you want to use an administration ask you Do you want to enable it . If this is a new event then you have publish . This link won't exist yet but once you hit publish it well and then once you . This is a link to the event in Civi that was created and or and then you can do everything else you can do with Civi where you set up the fees . And the online registration and so on . So this is schedule reminders and stuff and then the rest happens and Civi . The reason to do this a couple of reasons to do this is one . With WordPress . If you have events like that you're able now to create an event . Oh sorry I should have gone to events . You're able to create an event archive page right so you can say these are our upcoming events and then when people click read more they would click on read more and then they would give an event event that looks like this . And then when they hit the register link they're taken to whatever profile was set up and if there were any fees here they would . Show up here . If there was a paid event . Yes . So it works kind of nicely it kind of ties it indirectly . I'll come back to this . There's some integration with the HCF stuff now but I don't want to touch on that until I show you that piece . Yeah this is only on GitHub currently . I believe Christians trying to get it onto the WordPress plugin repo but . I can't remember what the status of that is at the moment but it would it might be eventually . That WordPress read . Where is my . So yeah that's what the event organizers does and it works very nice . Wait I missed one last one . I just . Okay I'm just quickly going on here after what I put on the list here . I think I'll have to add a slide but there is a plugin called

Caldera Forms CiviCRM redirect

This one is also only Github right now . Redirecting . I . Spell out wrong . Caldera Redirect . I said it's called . Caldera forms redirect . Well I'll find a link in a second but what this does is if you're using Caldera Forms, it adds an option under here where you can create redirects as essentially . I don't want to use . In particular for event but I don't want to use the default profile I want to use this . This letter form I created for event registration or I want to use it for contribution page it right in and you say I want to redirect you know from X is the event and then goes to X Y Z page or post . I'll show you on the severe side here . For example that's what I have . So I did an annual conference . If I go into my annual conference here . This still looks like event organizer but when I hit register now it's gone . It should redirect . If I set it up right . So you come and something happened here I don't know what it is but . I'm going to blame Kevin for that one but I'll take blame for anything but what it does is when you go into a severe event like this one is . There is a call there redirects . Tab . And it says by default it's not active and you say I want to react activated and I wanted to go to a page and I wanted to go X Y Z page so that way you're using called their form for integration and not so it would look in the front of the website here . Annual Conference . I have a feeling I to do it . Registration dates . Well . It could be that too . Or is it advance annual conference so I wouldn't technically if it were all working I tested that piece . Redirect to a forum that looks like this for folks to . Log on to right . So it's an event where they know I'm already registered so . They won't let me register again . But you know ask me my you know what . What I want to pay for it . What events I want to go to . What tours I want to go to . And so on so that when I and I get paid it sends all its information and save me . Kind of automatically guess . So that's a handy plug in if you're wanted to have the register link kind of be overwritten the Civi register links us that are using this default registration which you the profiles they'll redirect to call their form essentially based on what you said here . Yeah . So I was it . Yeah . It needs an update . Well no because of the changes in WordPress you URLs . That's what it needs . Right . OK . I wish it were good on time . OK . So .

CiviCRM ACF Integration

So CiviCRM ACF.  There's a plugin called advanced custom fields which is very widely used in WordPress world . Many people who use wordpress probably already use this . But it's a plugin that you can install there's a free version . And it lets you create it gives you a new UI which I'll show you to create custom fields . And do fancy stuff . And then there's a pro version . That you pay annually and it just gives you a couple more fields that you can do things even cooler things . And then whereas the pro the pricing on here is way ahead . It's really not that much in my biased opinion for . A year . If you have multiple clients or multiple people using it that you can use and if it's a personal site right it's not that expensive to . To add . But what does this do . So . Once you install . ACF . You're basically able to create field groups similar to Sebi where you can create you know . Field groups contacts and then you can add fields and say I want to field you know . The then title let's say . And then you would define the field type you want and there's a variety of different things you can do and Civi . Sorry and WordPress and I will go through I'm going to go through with how it talks specifics as you'll notice here there's a few cities here I'm specific field types . And I should show you do I have that open the plugin . Itself . Currently only lives on github . So you can download it and install it from here . This is again very new it's only four months old but it's working . And it does a lot of cool things which I'll show you . Where should I start . So you create custom fields and you can map them then what happens is if you . Sometimes for the first time you created the field you have to publish before it does anything . But . I'm going to show you somewhere else we'll have a map this to to be . Let's start in Civi actually there's a . In Civi initial thought of this bug I was using custom fields . For a contact type . So in civvy here you know you guys know you can create contact types . So I created a couple of contact types one student and all the staff and whatnot . So I'm going to look at this a member profile one . And when you create . A contact type once you've installed this plugin it says what post type you want to send it to you wanted to be related to and a post type and CV or great story and WordPress they're basically different content types . Which depending on how you set them up we'll give you a new menu items on your dashboard like this . So for example have no profile I've tied here into the member . Members post type . And so basically I'm able to create a profile . For contacts . And this information . Was viewed in Wordpress and there's a bio and whatnot . And it creates relationships in the relationship field and then that creates a relationship to the contact and CV . And this then if you want to see it in Civi see this person . It showed you here and then these are the custom fields that were related . To that profile that are addition to . Their first name last name and so on . And then since there was a relationship and that profile you'll see it also listed listed here . So why is this useful . There's a couple reasons . If you did it back and only you can give my volunteers or people kind of lower level access if you will . To be able to edit and view contact extensively without having to go to Sebi and then they can update and edit things a little easier . Using kind of this kind of UI . It also creates . What's called if it were like a member directory like this one it creates a front end display right so you can theme it and . Create a profile and have it show up over here . So for example I have the members . Listed here and it shows me all our current members . And then if I have you giving information about that member and then you could have obviously more more fields listed here if they if I had any more field you know . Custom fields and so on . So it's really lets you talk to Sebi and WordPress a lot a lot cleaner . I will show you similar to call their forms in and that you have to . Map . All the you want to set up civvies have the custom fields the contact types whatnot first before you come over here and create the fields and map them because when you add a field for example you'll say oh I had a text field and then you'll see you after you brigade . Out of this plugin and map the contact subtype . To post I've been Civi this field will appear and then you can you'll be able to map . Map the information to Civi . So first name last name email and so on . And then I have I've set it up I've been notice I have board members . Members which are individuals and then I have staff . So these are three types of . Individuals or like individual contract types . And so I've had these fields mapped to all three of these . Contact types so I can . So these fields apply to everybody . But when the fields are specific to just for example members I would just add to this section and then I only map it . To that field and then when I'm adding the field type in this case it was a big field . I am able to map that field . And it works . I mean it this works the kind of seamlessly where you can . Add and let me see let me add . It's work . Felicia . Hit . At . You and I may be able to you know remove this . I'll just create two pair two paragraphs . This update . And I'm going to add a relationship . We have pro progressive Mario . If I had update here . That relationship I changed the text in the relationship here I go into Civi now . You'll see the text here has changed to what I just updated them and then the relationship now exists because I just added that relationship to the . Group . So . It's very very beginning stages . The other thing you can do actually is for display . Of if you remember databases specifically . Usually people set up a group that says Oh show me all contacts that are active right . And then show me all contacts that are lapsed and so on . Right . So in WordPress the way to control display of that is usually used through taxonomy is . A term terms within a taxonomy . So I in this case create a taxonomy called status . And then whenever you create a taxonomy it's going to list the available groups that you can link them to . So for example I mean I do have an active membership group and you'll see once you do it once you it's kind of hard . You can't change it . So he made a mistake . You'll have to delete the term and add the term again but it just maps it to there . So if people are not in that group . They would no longer appear because if you'll notice here I have some status of some set to active and some not . And then if you look at the front end of the Web site . You only see on the member directory you only see the ones that are set to active . And they will disappear from the directory once they're no longer on active . So I'm going to interrupt you Dana because they did do the time sown math wrong and we are due back in the main hall . Oh . So I should have stuck with my original instincts that I'm boring . So there's some questions here that after the main hall there is some opportunity for us to continue if you want to come back and we can do more pointed questions and what not then . So I think the link to go back to the correct Zoom Room is in the chat . If everybody could see that . So if we want to pop over there and then come back here and about it sounds like it's only about 15 minutes over there so I . Think . I'm stopping the share for now . We'll come back

And thanks everybody for coming and watching on . I look forward to questions afterwards because usually that's where a lot of the good stuff gets really talked about right .

Exactly .

All right .

Using Wordpress & CiviCRM

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