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We can start.

So yeah, I'm well. I introduced Catalina.

Yeah, I call it and she's a well I wanna continue CPR implementers and consultants but she also has a degree on a fund raising so yeah she's she knows it. A lot of the subject an. Yeah, I mean we passed the. Screen to her, and here moderating or helping if anything. Is needed so.

A. I will share my my screen up.


OK, so as Alejandra was saying we'll be talking about fundraising tool that is CV. CRM is already has already some functionalities that are included by default, but this new extension what it's going to do but it does improve the the the use of this functionality's.

A so well welcome to you all too. A lot of this presentation,

so why are, well, how did we get to think about this? This tool because I understand some organizations were already asking for this functionality. A man.

Then after all. The the crisis that the new situation that we have living with realized this is a tool that is very flexible and very easy to implement. So for these kinds of situations it has become really, really really useful for all the organization. So the coronavirus pandemic has put on how many many key moments in the fundraising calendar, including marathons, another sport events like in the on, April 26, the 4th edition of the London Marathon that should have been held. That is a milestone for sports and citizens or the British capital, and the race is not only the most popular marathon on the planet, but it's also a date mark on the calendar for international fundraising. But in this edition it has are inventing, reinvented himself, and although I have not reached the figures that it did in 2019. A thank you thank you to online tools. He has still been rich in €11 million, so the London Marathon is an example of the digital conversion that has taken over social classes causes for the last three months around the world. A

man among this online online tools A we nixion we've been working with this new fundraising peer to peer extension. And what is a fundraising peer to peer where some of some of you might already might already know? But there's a quick basic concept in the nonprofit world will be. Fundraising is a specific form of crowdfunding

that have become increasingly increasingly prevalent.

A little bit from racing. Some multi tier approach to crowdfunding. This means individuals can create personal fundraising, paint pages from from your courses they have. This can fix revenue back to your organization as a whole or to a specific campaign you're running. Either way, the individual shares his his or her page with friends, family and community members for the nations. If this ability to draw on your network on your networks network and increase the nations and allow you to reach new pools and owners, that might have been a not accessible otherwise.

As a result of his supporters are more self a self assuring their involvement and are willing to share their message as it relates to two two years with other people. This individual investment in your cost can lead to high fundraising goals and a personal desire to see your campaign succeed. Yeah, as Alejandro said, also before Peter campaigns also increased trust before you organization and new potential support supporters as they are learning about your culture through friends page. So typical examples of fun. Pretty profound races are the ones that we are seeing every day in in social networks like Instagram or Facebook like challenges or celebrations that individuals are publishing, inviting other people to donate for their birthdays instead of giving a present and all all the all the money that they're raising a there, there will be donating it to a. Today I went OMG So what does CV CRM? It went sorry I'm not using this lights anymore a how does CCM already use this functionality's? Well some some of you might might already use them through the. Events or contribution pages. Once you create an event in CRM, there's a tab A called personal campaigns that allows you to enable it, and once you enable it that a allows you to give some configuration and that will make that at the end of the event registration. The user will see a link. Where that it will lead? To the possibility of to create a personal campaign, that means to include the message, a picture an and then to be able to share through a link. This campaign with all within the this person, social network, noisy Facebook, Instagram or other social media in their own block also. So through this sharing this person will be inviting other people in the case of events to register to that event. In the case of contribution pages, it will be inviting these other people to donate to this special campaign this person has created with the pictures and message of his own, but is that it's a fund raising money for the organization directly, but what are the limitations that we that we found on the current functionalities of CV CRM? Well this is the users that are. The published this campaigns are publishing, publishing them in like in social media in their block. So there is not a brand, a warm awareness of the of the organization because some most of the times people is donating to the challenger to the celebration of this person. But it's not even realizing where is the money going. What is there going to organization that is behind this project now. So this it gets a little lost in the way. A also there is not real control over where is this person publishing the personal campaign, so sometimes because of the image of the organization that some of some some places might not be a idea to publish. Sometime some some kind of projects, so that's where it comes the A the extension that we have created through through. Platform and in this platform all projects are published together. When I'm talking about projects I am talking about contribution pages that they come by the falling CV CRM. They are the usual tool to create a a a a fundraise for donations.

A so all projects are published in the same platform.

In this creates a brand awareness. They are directly related to the organization.

It also gives. It creates a more contact to the web to the web page now that it all this content is created, but outside users that are feeling with all these different personal campaigns a the website content also creates more traffic because people who is publishing there. Personal campaigns are informing their family, friends, neighbors, colleagues at work. So all these people is going to the organization page to donate to this this personal campaign.

And also other advantages of the platform is integrating is that as Alejandro said, all the all the money that is a that is the donated to the to the project goes directly to the organization through through a payment processor that is integrated within their contribution page. So all the nations, not only the nations, not only when it goes directly to the bank account order of the organization but also all the data like all the data of the new donors that are donating, goes directly to the CV CRM. Of the organization so it can directly go over and track and do the. There they went out there. Thank you after fundraising project. Yes, so I will show you now because maybe I'm talking, but I'm not showing how it works, so it's it's going to be more easy if I share. How is it actually working? So this is like a how the platform will look like. A so a this in this case is a with a Drupal page with some entries where we can give maybe some tips on how to create a personal campaign or an we willing including. Plate will be included in. Sorry, will be included in all the projects here. This projects are as I said before, a I said I'm talking about products, but they're really a contribution pages, so I will show you how how we get to the contribution pages. We're now in the civi CRM demo site, so through the contribution menu you go to manage contribution pages or create new contribution page. This time we will go to manage contribution pages.

On here we can see all the contributions pages we have available, and we have naval, so they will be showing if we publish them in our platform. So we will first go on configure our project like in this case is Global Mass Project will give like usual contribution page will give a title financial type, some message starting date an is over here a where we get one of the tabs that I was talking about before. This is a already a default functionality in CRM. Personal campaigns here is where we will enable it. We will market if we want approval require. That means that when someone outside the organization creates the their personal campaign, it will not be published directly, but we will first get the message. Here we will set up the email where we want. We want to get the message that someone has created a personal campaign and then we will. We will revise the campaign. I will choose to approve or not approve the. The campaign that has been created from a outside from a personal from an outside organization. A also wanna we can configure if we want the user who created the personal campaign to receive messages for all the donations that are done to their personal campaign or if you want the user the final user to choose if he wants to get once he configures their personal campaign. If he wants to choose if they want to receive notifications when someone does a donation to their campaign. And some other features. So once we enable it. A we will have already our contribution page completed.

We will create together also. A Drupal campaign, so it can be also a. Publishing the in the platform so. And we will relate it to the contribution page, like here for example. Want to see Mascarillas when here is in Spanish?

We can we can introduce a picture and message and we will give the same idea of the contribution page. And once we've done that, that's how it will look like in our platform. Once you've created your contribution page associated with the Drupalcon a contact, it will look like like that and it will be published in your in your platform. An what can what can user do when it gets to this to this landing page he will be. He will be seeing all projects and so he he he will be choosing one of the projects that he feels much more comfortable with or more attached with perhaps. And once inside the project A, he can choose to do different actions. One is to donate directly to the project because he already feels attached to the project and it already identifies.


I sorry, just a moment.

Or he can create a song campaign like I will explain a little later. A because he really has a challenge or a celebration that wants to publish an invite all his her friends to donate. Or maybe he he finds any other personal campaign that any other external user has created and he feels attached to it. Because if it's he feels so. She feels that it's a an appealing campaign so he can directly donate to someone else's personal campaign. So this is a three things he could be doing, like donate. To the project, create his own her own campaign or donate to any other personal campaign. So this is all the content that we that all that external uses are creating for our our web page now. So this is also involved in the community and creating network. So once we if we want to see what's going on in the personal campaigns like we could go in this personal campaign and we we can see how, how much it's been, it's been raised already. That story here, how much is been raised already, was the goal of the that has been set up in the personal campaign. If someone left a message of input, encourage the person who who who created this personal campaign. Or we can go underneath the directly.


yeah, we can go now we will find a normal.

A normal profile to fill A and we can just go and contribute to the personal campaign. Wait, sorry.


My email.

Here is the like I said a like I said at the beginning that the by default functionality that once we have contributed to. Contribution page we get link where does that? That's the way the full functionality we get a link where we can create a personal campaign. So from here if after the 19 I feel like I want to create my own personal campaign to support the organization so I just could go directly from here and create the campaign. The campaign to create a personal campaign. I will have configured which profile I want the users to fill in. So for example, I am only only going to require the first last name, I merely an email to be filling. So for example a.



And this this will be was the person person who is creating the personal campaign a what they will have to fill in so they will have to choose a tad a title for their campaign. A, for example


I knew 3 every day.

Lisa massage, I will plant a tree every day. A maybe including why they are they, why why they want to raise money for this organization to encourage other people to get involved with this organization to present what? What is the impact that this organization is having on the community now so we can include what everyone we want? We can set a goal. We can choose to include the if we want to include a progress. Bar or not?

A we can include a picture.

God, dammit.

Sample picture for example. And then to choose if we want to include the owner role or not. And some other features.

Yep. On our our contribution campaign. It should be already a created.

So then if we go to to see CRM to see what has happened inside the back office. A we will be checking our personal campaign pages.

A. It.

The personal campaign pages in within the contributions menu.

Oops, sorry. Will see here and you treat every day. That's the personal campaign. I have a created by by Mary good related to the global Mass project, but it is still pending. From revision for our from the organization. So if I go to review the. A personal campaign I'm a member of the organization and I can see that is created that is created. The respect in the organization,

a regulations or so I will go and we say OK, I approve it. I think it's a. It's an interesting personal campaign with no problem, so I choose to approve it. So once the campaign is approved, if we go back to our. A power platform.

Once we go to the project. Where the personal companies related, we can already see the campaign at just the outside user. Have half screen have created.

And it's not enough. Tina, it's Jenn with Supreme self storage. Marina hi good thank you. Sorry this is calling. Because your credit card was declined.

Thank you so is is that is that easy. So yes roots were really simple a profile the person has fill in some basic information and then has includes on title, picture and then once the the personal companies have proof it will be published directly in on the platform.

So I don't know if I'm running out of time, so I'm still OK and time, so maybe some more interesting if you want to place. Some questions, even if I still have some more things to talk about, but maybe if you have some questions.

We have some more 5 more minutes, OK? So, so this is a how we will look like.

So this will be mainly our platform. A showing the projects that are contribution pages a. If you have a role like the administrator role or special role that you have you have created with a special permissions you will be able also to create the new project directly from the platform. If you're only a user you will not be seeing this this options as I show you before here it will be to create the contribution page as we did and then also the. Drupal, the Drupal page that will be related to the project. At the end of the page you will be able to see all the. All the personal campaigns that have been published, like here we have the new tree related to the glove. Some Max project. We also have my birthday that is related to the same project and others that are related to other projects that will be able to see all the personal campaigns so that if the user comes in and fills appealed to any of the special campaigns can directly go and night for them.

It's also how this how this will look in the in the contact. Like if I go to my contact that just made a donation before. In contributing the tough contributions. A well here it shows that I did a $10 donation to the online contribution, one drawing day that it was a personal campaign that it was created. A

also, when I want to show you this one that I did before to the same campaign donation of a that is already completed so I can show you better. So if I go inside the contribution, I will say OK I did a 2400 contribution. In related to the Android, a personal campaign, a bad, the campaign was was not created by me. I'm only the donor to this campaign. The campaign was created by the Jane Johnson, so one of those one of the tools that is very interesting to keep track of what is what is happening with the personal campaigns that outside users are creating. So yeah, this is the person who created the personal campaign and is related with soft credit. To this donation. So if I go to her contact again. Jen Johnson. Can I go to the contribution tab? Here I can see that this person has not made any contribution. But has two persons. When in this case is the same person that has a made a donation to her campaign, so he has not she. She has not directly made a donation, but she has received donations from 2 pairs from 2 persons. So in her contact information will be able to see how her campaign is going on and what was she. Was she? How much is she racing? So did this will let us after that a track who is doing better, who is moving in the. If the active their campaigns that are moving or they are not moving so we can then. A follow these issues through through a schedule, reminders or through TV TV rules to send automatic emails when someone has not made any donation from a lot long time to a personal campaign. So to giving tips to this fundraiser to this person has that has created a personal campaign on how to improve it. It's his or her personal campaign. So that will a that will be useful also on the reports. There is a special report that comes by default a that it will show us what is going on. Also with personal campaigns so it will show us how many campaigns are going on, how much they have. They have racing total, how much, how many donors have contributed to each campaign. So this will be really useful to track and then and know what is going on. And then maybe think give us a give thanks to the fundraisers. Are you special thanks to different races that have get get more contributions? So all these actions that will be able to do using the information we have gathered with all with this extension.

A so if you have any more questions or any doubt you feel free, feel free to ask, if not the. Of it, I don't know, it's a.

This this personal campaign, it will be the contribution page with the one that is linked to a campaign. So like for example as sorry the question was. I didn't even. If a personal campaign can be linked to A to a campaign, not the personal campaign, not directly, but but how old personal campaigns are related to a contribution page. The contribution page will be linked to a campaign like if we go here to close a mask and it's a contribution page or a project we set. A here will be linking it to A to a campaign so the project will be LinkedIn campaign and all the personal campaigns will be at the end a under this umbrella of their under this same campaign.


Yeah, I didn't really explain it, so it was a good question. Thank you.


Are there questions that we have in other webinars, like for example to set up an ending date for the campaigns? Becauses like not all personal campaigns, maybe are useful to be published forever now so and also to have an an end up date is very encouraging for donors to donate, not to push them to donate. So this is a done. Through the contribution page, the contribution page can have an end update, not the personal campaigns, but is something also that we might be working on it because we think it. It can be very interesting also to have fun and update. Also to be to control nowhere, no. If from the fundraising Pie POV to have become a personal campaign running for more than three months, usually it doesn't have that much sense. So something like that will be very useful.

And that's mainly all I know fully handle you want to add anything else or.

There's another question for dinner.

Do a bitch. Would you send them to the group you can choose? The questionnaire how to most efficiently send email or communicate to all donors to a page. Will you send them to a group or can you choose them? All and send.

Thank you for your question Denain. So you can. You can if you if you want to give thanks or it depends on the action you will, you will be doing like if you want to give thanks to all donors that have contributed to the personal campaign to a special personal campaign, you will be through through an advanced search. You will be able to identify the persons who have donated to this special personal campaign. If you want to do it through. Project or contribution page. You can also do it like for example a country. If you go to an advanced search in contributions you will be able to. A2 filters

if choosing a personal campaign or several personal campaigns, and then you can identify the Contacts that have contributed to this personal campaigns and then you can add them to a group. Or you can even send them directly an email from here through the advanced search, that's the.

It depends on the action. Do you want to do at the end but like from here you could be will be able already to add them to a group and then do you see it from from CDC email and send them an email and thank you email yes.

OK. I don't know if that answers your question and it was a more detailed question or.

Yeah, so I have a message from Nick and for all that it's it's time to run to the other to the main Hall since they will start for some closing remarks so. Yeah. OK, so thank you all. Thank you very much for joining and we will be happy to discuss details if you want to know more about the future. Happy to get in touch with you.

OK, so thank you all. Thank you bye bye.

Personal Campaigns for Peer to Peer Fundraising

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